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The Series I of the Portuguese Journal of Structural Engineering (rpee), which was concluded in December 2006 and comprised 55 issues, began in January 1978 as an initiative of the LNEC Structures Department. The aim was to promote the dissemination of the scientific and technical activity developed in the field of Structural Engineering, with the objective of filling a gap already noticed at the time. In the first editorial, Júlio Ferry Borges stated that "its fundamental objective is to inform about the recent progress in the field of structural engineering".

With the publication of the first issue of Series II, a new format and graphic design were launched, trying to contribute for a more pleasant and interesting reading. There was also the important collaboration of a recently expanded panel of reviewers, considered a crucial factor of quality and accuracy.

Without losing sight of the initial objectives of the rpee, it was considered that, after so many years since the launching of the Journal, there was the need for a reflection and adjustment to the scientific and technical, national and international context of the time.

Thus, throughout its Series II the Portuguese Journal of Structural Engineering started to include thematic issues, combined with generalist ones, since it was then considered useful to present a more systematic and in-depth approach to some highly updated topics.

The new Series III issues, published quarterly, are now edited in digital format, and are fully available online, with open access.

The main objectives of the rpee´s Board of Directors are to obtain the international indexation of the journal, as a short-term priority, and reach a high impact factor level.

The rpee maintains its character of scientific and technical journal, within the scope of the engineering of structures. Its aim is to continue contributing to an area that deserves the greatest commitment, to serve, above all, the national and international community of Portuguese Language countries.

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